The band

Eternal Psycho Biography

The band has its origin in mid-2017 when Lucky producer, sound technician, guitarist and singer along with Jorge Pesado lead guitar and singer and frontwoman Beka decide to set out to write new songs in the not too distant future.

The project starts when the entire band is formed, with Maxi on bass and Paco on drums.

The group draws on different musical influences, each component contributes ideas according to their experience and tastes, in order to capture a style that could be defined with very strong and reliable bases in the rhythm section. Heartbreaking guitars with careful solos and melodic arrangements. Voices that are interspersed and go from the darkest guttural to the melodic through varied registers. The addition of an electronic mix with samplers makes the final result an original sound and very straight to the public.





Jorge Pesado




Paco ``Lucky``





“Your Demons Are Real”, the band’s first album, an album made up of eleven tracks where we find an industrial metal proposal with powerful guitars, careful solos, vocal melodies fused with guttural voices and a compact rhythmic base.

All this accompanied by electronic sequences that give it a personal sound. The album has been recorded at SBA RADICAL (Area 51) by Víctor Valle Blanco and Javier Diez, mixed by Javier Diez and mastered by Alberto Seara.


  • Gema Vau – voice (Crom) and narration (Infected).
  • Javier Diez – lead key (Zombie Attack, Deep Sorrow), Samplers (Typical of Me).
  • All the songs composed by ETERNAL PSYCHO except (Sea of ​​Madness) composed by Javier Diez.
  • Cover photo – Javier Gandul.
  • Interior photo – Javier Bragado.
  • Artworks – Silvia Pesado.